Curriculum Overview

    Penny Lane utilizes Creative Curriculum, as well as the Indiana Academic Standards as the foundations for our curriculum guideline.  These help us to implement developmentally appropriate practices into our program for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool.

        *    Materials used:

        *    Weekly planning form

                *    Weekly sheets (individualized for each child)

                *    Classroom profile

                *    Progress and Planning forms

                *    Portfolio (individualized for each child)

    A curriculum guide is used by teachers, directors, and administrators.  Weekly Lesson Plans/Curriculum Frameworks are displayed in each classroom.

    Weekly sheets are used for each child, listing developmentally appropriate activities completed, as well as Indiana Academic Standards met.

    The Classroom Profile helps to maintain records in each classroom.  The Progress and Planning Form is used to guide teachers and help with the implementation of Creative Curriculum.

    A portfolio is created for each child upon enrollment;  this is used as an ongoing performance assessment.  Some materials included in the portfolios are:  weekly sheets, observations, assessments, dictations, and progressive and constructive artwork.

    Teachers utilize the Creative Curriculum Guide to help set up the classroom environment with appropriate materials and activities, as well as evaluating the work of children using individual goals and objectives.

    Lead teachers and Directors use the guide to collect information for self-assessment and improvements to our program.